2020 Registration Form (Newmarket Softball)

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Please Pre-Register for the 2020 Season at 2019 rates! Pre-registration ends at our AGM in October
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  4. In an effort to expedite jersey orders, please refer to the sizing chart online and indicate the approximate jersey size for the player. Sizing is approximate only - no guarantees.
Balancing players for age, experience and ability is a priority
  1. Request must be mutual - no guarantee of friend placements
  2. Select is more competitive softball involving 3-5 weekend tournaments throughout the spring and summer.
  3. NMSA holds annual training clinics to become an umpire. It's a great part time job.

    Sign your team up for our Adult 3 Pitch division (30+ yrs) by downloading the form at nmsa.net/ registration/ printable forms/ Adult 3 Pitch Team registration
    Please send your competed form to [email protected] and we will contact you for payment details.
    Register a team (up to 15 players) for $1600 (online payment not available).
    Individual players may sign up online below and will be placed on teams. 
This section to be completed by parent or guardian
  1. Please re-enter name if adult player
  2. If applicable
  3. Example: ###-###-####
  4. Example: ###-###-#### x###
  5. All correspondence will be sent to this email address
  6. If yes, we will provide you with further information at the email address provided
  7. Please mark all positions you would be interested in helping with.
  1. Example: ###-###-####
  1. RELEASE AND DISCHARGE (Please Read Carefully)
    In consideration of accepting the above-mentioned person, I grant him/her permission to participate in the Newmarket Minor Softball program(s). For the same consideration, I hereby release and forever discharge Newmarket Minor Softball Association, its Officers, Directors, Conveners, Coaches, Umpires or other Officials and the Town of Newmarket from all claims, demands, damages, actions or causes of action arising or to arise by and reason because of my or my son's/daughter's participation in any Newmarket Minor Softball program, in this or any successive years(s), including (but without limiting the generality of the foregoing) any and all dental and medical bills and further of and from all claims or demands whatsoever in law or in equity which I, my heirs, executors, administrators or assignors can, shall or may have by reason aforesaid. 
New this year! Payment can be made by E-transfer. Follow the instructions on our website nmsa.net under Registration/ E-Transfer Payment Information. Payment may also be made by PayPal, cash or cheque. The $6 courtesy fee ONLY applies to PayPal transactions.
  1. Choose division:
  2. PayPal transaction fee only applies to online payments made through PayPal. Open this link in a new tab to send an e-transfer after you have completed this registration form: https://nmsa.net/Pages/1361/E-Transfer_Payment_Information/
  3. A $6 transaction fee applies to all PayPal transactions.
  1. The registrant and parent/guardians will participate under Newmarket Minor Softball and Softball Canada rules and regulations. I understand that missing more than one third of the regular season games may prohibit a player from participating in the closing weekend playoffs and does not entitle one to a refund. Refunds may be requested in writing, full refund will be granted before May 1st, registration less admin and online fee before May 31st, no refunds after May 31 of each year. All fees must be paid in full before player can begin playing. 
    I agree to allow pictures to be used in print and social media by NMSA for promotional purposes only.
Newmarket Minor Softball Association will email your receipt to the email provided. This will be your official tax receipt.
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